Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Traveler's Itch/Living in Warp Speed

Since coming back to Canada I have been EXTREMELY busy!

I left for Canada with just over a day's notice, I started working for my uncles a day after arriving in Canada, I have found a house and a job (fingers crossed), and have gone to a concert and seen most of my friends. I am also going for surgery on my teeth and then having a job interview and moving days later. I am mentally exhausted!

With that said, I have the volunteering/teaching/going to a developing country ITCH! I feel like I want to do more for my local community. With my friends leaving to volunteer around the globe, and no prospective opportunities for me to go, as of yet, I am starting to get very itchy! lol There is so much that I want to do... if only there were more hours in the day.

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