Sunday, October 18, 2009

The End of One Chapter Means the Beginning of a New One

As the stress of midterms and assignments starts to mount, I find myself reflecting on my experience in Bosnia. Looking at pictures of the summer and things that I have accumulated from my host family and reading my journal entries from my summer abroad makes me reflect and refocus on what's important.

One of the many things is to properly complete my experience. While talking to other BB students, I realise that I am not the only one who, through getting caught up in the hussle and bustle of live back in Canada, has not properly sat down, digest and reflect on the past year. Thus, this past week I have been trying to take time out every night to make sure that I am completing my experience. What does this all really mean?

I have finally had a chance to send out all of my thank you notes and postcards to those who have supported me and who have requested them. It feels really good. In general, I would like to take the time out to formally thank the following people and companies:

  • My friends and family who helped with fundraising, and supported me through thick and thin before, during and after my placement overseas

  • Everyone who helped me monetarily

  • St. Aloysius, Holy Cross HELPS & Knights of Columbas

  • All BB Students from 08-09, BB Alumni, & staff

  • Everyone from Intercordia including the Alumni, students from the 08-09 programs, especially those who spend the summer with me in BiH

  • Zio's Restuarant for letting me host my fundraiser there and all of my regular customers at the restaurant for supporting me

  • The Independent and Free Press for promoting my Event

  • The band (CopperField) who played at my Georgetown fundraiser

  • Everyone who came out/helped out at both the pancake and evenning events

AND the following companies/people who donated auction/door items:

  • Aiden Finucane/Pepsi

  • Benix & Co.

  • Best Western

  • CIBC

  • Curves

  • Glazed Expressions

  • Guardian (Pharmacy) on Main St. Georgetown

  • Jason Rowbottom

  • Metro (Grocery store)

  • North Star Dry Cleaners

  • Ruby from BB

  • Scotiabank

  • TD

  • The Freckled LionThe Power ZoneThe Spa on Main

  • The Wood Heron Studio Gallery

  • Zio's

I also decided to allocated WEEKS of sleepless night on completing a meaningful report documenting my entire Beyond Border experience. I have decided to attach it to this blog. I am sorry in advance for the candid, and at times blunt, stories. I am sorry if I have affended anyone; it was not my intention. At the end of the day I respect everyone and I am grateful to everyone that has been appart of my BB experience.

I hope that I can continue striving for a more fulfilling life and that I can make my family proud.


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